Third Party Independent Verification

Medicare and private insurance liability is a serious concern and a large potential liability for many companies.  EMS Consultant Group’s Third Part Independent Verification services can help you reduce coverage losses.  In addition, our record keeping gives you the proof you need to support claims.

EMS Consultant Group’s verification services make sure that your patients won’t be subject to a potential loss of coverage for expensive treatments.  For example, we provide Medicare screening for non-acute patients who need repetitive transports* and our State Certified paramedics provide third party video-logged and documented physical examinations – all under physician supervision.

Everyone wants to reduce their Medicare and private insurance liability. Our verification services provide important evidence in the event of Medicare or private insurance appeals, denial of coverage, or allegations of false billing. Furthermore, our third party independent verification service documentation provides your company with proof when facing the threat of Medicare fines or legal action claims.

*Examples include patients on dialysis, who need physical therapy, and those who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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