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Here at EMS Consultant Group Jordan and I believe that medicine is about more than dollars and cents, research studies and insurance requirements. We believe that medicine is about caring, especially for those that have little or no ability to care for themselves. That’s why we support our consultant, Peggy, in her charitable relief efforts in Africa.

For two weeks each year Peggy lives in a small village in Ghana which has a relief clinic. This clinic, funded entirely by donations, is the only medical care in almost a hundred miles. The next closest medical care is a university hospital in the country’s capital however this hospital is currently closed; the physicians are on strike because they haven’t been paid in over a year and need to find other work to support their families.

On this page you’ll notice a plastic supply cart. At the start of Peggy’s last relief mission EMS Consultant Group provided enough medical supplies to completely fill this cart. As you can see, two weeks later it was empty; the supply situation is so desperate that a local woman is paid to launder the gauze so it can be reused several times.

For the two weeks each year that Peggy is in Ghana we have pledged to stock this cart. Peggy continues to inspire us with her selfless commitment to this cause. Her latest mission is to improve the ability of this clinic to be self-sufficient; to that end she is starting her own non-profit corporation to begin nursing education at this clinic. We pledge to continue our support of Peggy and this small underserved community.

For more information on how to get involved by either volunteering as a relief medical worker or a financial patron please contact EMS Consultant Group.

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