Customer References / Testimonials

At EMS Consultant Group we are very proud of the work we do for our clients and their patients.  Listed below are the types companies that use our services or would benefit from our services. Most recently, we have begun assisting county based EMS systems on a national level!

  • Private ambulance services
  • Municipal EMS agencies
  • Non-municipal third-party EMS agencies
  • Medical Transportation companies
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Campus EMS organizations
  • EMS Training Centers


Analysis and protocol review performed for Washoe County, Nevada – which includes the City of Reno.
Consolidating the EMS protocols for seven separate agencies into one set of regional protocols was a massive undertaking. EMS Consultant Group was extremely helpful in reviewing the thousands of pages of protocols from all of the local agencies. They highlighted both areas of consistency and inconsistency and provided us with a solid starting point to begin our lengthy process. EMS Consultant Group was thorough, professional, and made solid recommendations. They saved our group a year’s worth of work and greatly accelerated the whole process.“
Jackie Lawson Office Support Specialist | Division of Epidemiology & Public Health Preparedness   Washoe County Health District

“I have worked for well over 5 years with Eric and Dr. Barnett. I have been a staff Paramedic under their direction and am now an ALS Coordinator working with them. I can not stress enough how professional they both are and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their company the EMS Consultant Group without reservation.”
– Patrick “Doc” McMaster

“Dr. Barnett and Eric have helped my company improve and upgrade to a higher level of service. The EMS Consultant Group has extensive knowledge and experience to help anyone from a small start-up company to an already existing ALS provider. Not only have they provided my company with medical command, their screening and staffing services are truly one phone call away. In our line of business reliability and availability makes all the difference, and Eric and Dr. Barnett have always been there to help us out. I highly recommend EMS Consultant Group.”
-Rostyslav Viter, President of Empire Ambulance

“Eric and Dr. Barnett have been involved with my ambulance company for six years. They have become trusted friends and confidants and their involvement has been instrumental in the development of our compliance initiatives and ALS program. I can whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of these services.”
– Nick Broytman, Owner and President of Art of Life Ambulance

“I have worked as the ALS Medical Coordinator for years with another ambulance company with Dr Barnett serving as the Medical Director. Having come to know and respect his integrity, reliability, wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as his easy approachability, when I formed my own company, I found the decision to turn to Dr Barnett and the EMS Consultant Group an easy one. Dr Barnett has teamed up with
incredible leaders and educators who are well respected . I highly recommend the EMS Consultant Group without any hesitations!”
– Roman Kourinnoi, Owner:
Safety First Ambulance.

“As a volunteer ambulance company, resources are tight. The EMS Consultant Group are blessings in the assistance they have provided for our organization.”
– Hotzolah Volunteer Ambulance/Philadlephia.

“Dr. Barnett is an energetic clinician, who communicates well with all levels of provider. He is deeply committed to the art of emergency care and is often asked for his opinion on care rendered. He never ceases to surprise me by his willingness to seek input from those also directly involved in rendering care to his patients. We work in a fast-paced, chaotic environment, yet Dr. Barnett is able to give his undivided attention when addressed and not appear harassed.”
– Mike L., RN, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

“I have worked directly with Dr. Barnett for the past 5 years. He is very detailed in his approach to Emergency Medicine. Dr. Barnett will take the time to teach anyone in the ER. Dr. Barnett treats staff and patients with compassion and respect. He is very organized. EMT students comment on his knowledge of EMS systems and ‘on the street emergency medicine'”
– David B., Physician Asst, Team Health

“Dr. Barnett is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Emergency Medicine. An asset to this company with his past and present experience of EMS Services and the accountability to notice that an area needs to be prepared and properly trained in the event of a tragedy. Dr. Barnett is willing to provide training and impart his vast knowledge. With his extensive background in these areas, he will no doubt deliver!”
– Britney G., Radiologic Technologist, AtlantiCare

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Barnett on several projects where I have contracted him to provide Medical Director services to private EMS agencies, as well as educational support. I have found his integrity to be beyond question. He actively engages the paramedics under his supervision and is very approachable. He is very responsive to requests for his services and is an excellent communicator. In short, he is an asset to anyone seeking to engage him for his professional services.”
– Eric R., Critical Care Paramedic, Temple Health System Transport Team (T3)

“Dr. Barnett was my medical command Doctor at two private ambulance companies. He was dedicated, reliable, consistent and approachable, as well as very knowledgeable.”
– Lou G.

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