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The Delta Variant of COVID-19 along with some employees refusing vaccination represents a unique threat to your business.   Government agencies and many businesses are combating this threat by mandating weekly testing for those employees who decline vaccination.  You can do the same!  At EMS Consultant Group, we can limit your company’s potential liability and improve your customer and employee safety by offering customized COVID-19 testing for your workplace and by helping you develop reasonable and cost effective infection control protocols for your business. 24/7 testing is available within 24 hour notice in the Delaware Valley.  We come to you!   Our team is comprised of Emergency Medicine physicians, Emergency Medicine nurses, EMTs, as well as critical care paramedics from university-based systems.   We have been on the front-line in this pandemic, have direct experience and expertise regarding COVID-19, and can get your business back up and running like no other agency can with a customized solution!


How the Novel Coronavirus Is Different

While the novel coronavirus has symptoms similar to the flu, it can cause a lot more short-term and long-term damage. Our COVID-19 consulting services help you stop the spread of the virus or understand how to clean and disinfect your space after someone has had it.

COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets. These droplets form whenever you speak, sneeze, cough, or breathe. This means that if someone in your business caught COVID-19, they have likely contaminated the area they were in by simply being there. Even if they wore a mask, they may have accidentally spread respiratory droplets in the building when eating or drinking. So you must disinfect the area.


What We Can Do For You

A sample of a few of the services EMS Consultant Group provides:

  • 24/7 COVID-19 Testing onsite within 24 hours notice
  • Work force training
  • Pathogen education
  • Exposure control policy development
  • Customized tailored procedures and corporate polices.
  • Guidance on capital purchases for infection control


These services are meant to help you avoid a breakout in your building and understand what to do if you or one of your employees gets the virus. Your COVID-19 consultant will discuss these different services with you to determine what would be best for your company and how you want to proceed. This way you get a fully customized approach that takes into account the factors that are unique to your business.


EMS Consultant Group Offers at Home and Business Location Covid-19 Testing in the Delaware Valley/Southern New Jersey region

Pricing structure for at home or office testing is as follows:

  • For at Covid-19 Antigen Testing (rapid result within 2 hours), for our technician to come to your home is $225.00. This includes on site collection. Each additional specimen collection will cost $130.00. There are no additional fees. You may submit the bill to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • For Business Location Services (minimum of 10 employees).   Up to 25 employees, the cost for our technician to come to your office is $300 plus $130.00 per specimen collected. You may submit your bill to your insurance for reimbursement
  • For more than 25 employees, the cost for the technician to come to the office is $200 plus $130 per collection and test.  There are no additional fees.  You may submit the bill to your insurance for reimbursement

Call EMS Consultant Group today at 1-855-4TeamEMS (1-855-483-2636) to get our COVID-19 consulting services.  The direct extension for  location based COVID-19 testing is #702.


Why We Are the Right Choice

The novel coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve seen in one hundred years, so your company likely isn’t prepared for it. Our team of professionals has first-hand experience that lets us know what does and does not work. When you collaborate with one of our COVID-19 consultants, you get that experience and knowledge so that you can get your policies and procedures right the first time.

At EMS Consultant Group, our team has experience on the medical side of the issue as well as on the business side. This allows us to be uniquely situated to understand the virus and understand how it affects your business needs.


EMS Consultant Group can work with you to create programs to meet your specific needs. Call EMS Consultant Group today at 1-855-4TeamEMS (1-855-483-2636) to get our COVID-19 consulting service. Additionally, contact us today to discuss your training needs.


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